Dienstag, 20. Mai 2014

Interesting for Fashion Lovers: 2nd Sale Event Copenhagen

Hey my lovley readers

This could be the right event for all the Fashion Bloggers out there, like I am. I always search for new Trends and somethimes think that I should sort out some clothes. When you know what I mean than this is the right event for you and for the ones that are not living in Denmark and close to Copenhagen they should know that Copenhagen is always a perfect city for travel.

My classmates are organising an event - 2ND SALE in Copenhagen, Cafe Nutid, on 31st May 2014!

If you think that you have too much clothes/accessories (who knows, right?)

then 2ND SALE is for you!

You can apply to event@cafenutid.dk and become a seller of your own clothes/accessories!
Besides, if there is still space on your shelves, then come and join them as a customer and find some unique clothes/accessories just for you!

Participation fee is 100DKK Entrance is free
Come and join them!

Get fresh drinks and enjoin good music with DJ Pallefar! and don't miss PHOTOBOOTH!

(Für meine Deutschen Leser, es geht um ein Fashion Event in Kopenhagen, ich denke das ihr den Englischen Text versteht, falls nicht klickt bitte auf den Übersetzungs Button)

Eure THFranzi/ Your THFranzi

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